The cool sector dial

  • The box don't tell us much.

    The logo reveals what it is and I guess some is familiar with it.

    Yes, it's a full set that only miss the watch so I have to see if I can find it.

    I do and now we getting closer.

    The crown has the logo too and here we can see it's a chronograph.

    A touch of blue and retro style will be great.

    Yes it's a Jaeger LeCoultre Master Control Chronograph with a sector dial. This is the 25 years anniversary of the Master Control series that was released in 1992.

    This watch was presented at the SIHH 2017 in Geneva and the rumor says it will only been produced in one year.

    The blued hollow baton hands are not what you see everyday.

    Some love them, some don't like them. I really like them and it's so cool when the hour hand is below the minute hand.

    The watch have a nice discreet blue alligator strap but the clasp looks a little cheap IMHO. I have prefer a folding clasp on this one.

    It's a shame to put a solid back case on a JLC watch with their nice looking movements. This is the only model in this sector dial series of Master
    Control's with a solid back case. This one have a 40mm case and the other in this serie have a 39mm case so I guess a back case from those not
    fits at this onewhich had been tempting to acquire and put on.

    Of course JLC have put some nice details to the back case.

    The water resistance is set to 5 bar so it's best to keep it dry.
    And it have the 1000 hours control where the movement is tested in 1000 hours before delivery.

    So I can't see any reason not to check out the nice movement that JLC try to hide.

    It has a high finish but lacks the decorations that the other movement has in the series. No blued screws or gold parts.

    The caliber 751G according to JLC (mine says 751F) 28800 bph, 37 jewels, 2 barrels & 65 hour power reserve.

    There is a lot of variations at the finsh and it pass a close inspection.

    The column wheel in focus.

    A discreet lever will stop the balance wheel when the crown is pulled out.
    Something that I notice is the movement is flaweless but look at the the screw at the upper left corner at the case (I guess it hold the bezel)
    that is mounted with a wrong screwdriver. Not a big deal, but a watch in this price range should be putted together with correct tools.

    The dial becomes different in diiferent light.

    I love the brushed and blasted surface at the dial and the contrasting blue parts.

    I notice it's not easy to set it exactly because when I push in the crown so will the minute hand jump a half minute.

    So blue as it gets.

    The deep of the subdialsreally make the dial live.

  • Great watch, love the „special“ design, the pics are as always top notch! :respekt::verneig:



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