Tisell – or you get, what you pay for

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    • Tisell – or you get, what you pay for


      I’m writing this review in english language since I’d like to give the responsible ladies from the Official and Exclusive European Distributor of #Tisell the chance to read about my experiences
      • regarding the watch itself as well as
      • regarding their practiced way of "customers service".

      First of all: My intention of ordering a green Tisell Submariner Divers Watch mainly was to check, if it will be worth, waiting for the original, a Rolex 116610 LV.
      An expense of under € 300,-- for the Tisell diver seemed reasonable to me for this experiment.
      Especially in case of I’d really like a new green diver and go for the Rolex, my intention was to hand the Tisell over to my son, who already is also infected with the virus of wearing mechanical watches.
      A win/win situation, so I thought… :lol:

      After receiving the watch in Feb. 2018, I noticed, the date-loup was not centred to 100% - it is fixed too high (towards 2 o’clock). No big thing to me, the watch was cheap, I did not expect to get a Rolex-like quality.
      Also some little scratches on the really beautiful sunburst-dial have not been a fact to me to complain at the distributor in Czech Republic.

      After having worn the watch maybe 4 or 5 times, the clasp showed a defect, which could not get fixed through my watchmaker since the reason of the defect was caused by a not centred hole, in which a spring bar should fit. This could not work because of the wrong position of one of the holes.
      After having sent photos from the defect clasp and my request for a substitute, the managing lady from Tisell CZ told me, that this problem must have been caused by me and I should have to pay for a new clasp… :schock:

      After a second e-mail with
      • a tip on their own warranty
      • further detailed photos and
      • a drawing of the defects reason,
      • combined with my gentle remark, that I might be reviewing the watch in watch-forums,
      Tisell CZ decided to send me a new clasp on their expenses.
      Okay, I thought, they took their chance to bring things t a good end… :gut:

      So, a few weeks later, after having attached the new clasp, I took the watch out of the box and wanted to wind it up to wear it once again.
      Opening the crown, the surprise was big – in my left hand, I had the watch, in my right hand was the crown. The drive-shaft still was stuck in the watch.

      Next e-mail to the ladies from Tisell CZ with photos and a description, what happened.
      Their answer:
      “You can purchase a new crown, the defect came from poor use.
      Send us € 28,-- and after having received, we will send you a new crown including the drive shaft”.

      Nothing else to say, right?
      “Poor use” as a reason for a broken crown, lol… :lol:

      I decided, not to start new time-consuming discussion, enough experiences made with this “excellent” service through Tisell CZ.
      I paid for the crown, brought it to my watchmaker and received the watch back a couple of days ago.
      He smiled and also showed me the drive-shaft, which not only was separated from the crown, it also was broken into two parts inside the watch…
      Anyway, it's running again and, as a positive fact, it runs within a plus of 5 sec./day.

      But next time, I will have a problem with this cheap timepiece (or better POS), I will use it as a target at shooting practice.
      Lesson learned!
      Never ever again, I will purchase neither a Tisell watch nor another brand at this distributor.

      Positive at the end: I’m looking so much forward now to the 116610 LV, since now I know, I really like to get the original green diver in a quality, the original is known for. :D

      Photos, I have sent to Tisell, accompanying my warranty-requests:

      Gruß, Jochen
      no guts - no glory
    • Danke für's Teilen Deiner Erfahrung. :gut: Auf solche Erfahrungen ansich kann man gut verzichten.
      Ich besaß mal eine Tisell Fliegeruhr mit Miyota 90xx Werk und musste zum Glück keine negative Erfahrung damit machen. Dennoch stimme ich Dir zu, you get what you pay for, zumindest im unteren Preissegment.
      Viele Grüße, Thomas :wink:

      "Es ist schon alles gesagt, nur noch nicht von allen" (Karl Valentin)

      Instagram/36.000 VpH
    • Threadstarter

      Stimmt Tom, wobei ich damit leben könnte, wenn ne Budget-Zwiebel etwas häufiger zum Doc muss als eine Uhr der preislichen Mittel- oder Oberklasse.

      Womit ich nicht leben kann, ist, dass die Garantie, die vom Hersteller oder Distributeur (in diesem Fall Tisell CZ) gegeben wird, das Papier nicht wert ist, auf dem sie gedruckt ist.
      Das Verhalten der Damen (ich glaube, es sind Mutter und Tochter oder zwei Schwestern) bei berechtigten Garantieansprüchen ist/war unter aller Kanone.
      Nur das ist der Grund, weshalb ich diesen schonungslosen Erfahrungsbericht geschrieben habe.
      Gruß, Jochen
      no guts - no glory