SEIKO5 Brian May Limited Edition>>>

  • SEIKO 5 Brian May Red Special

    Brian May guitarist Queen bought her first Seiko 7548-7000 during their first Japan tour in 1974.

    He has since used this extensively, now in 2020 he has taken with a cooperation with Seiko

    presented a Seiko 5 automatic as a tribute to his unique guitar "Red Special".


    What is so special about this guitar? Well, Brian built this with the help of dad Harold

    mid sixties. They had a fireplace at home that they would dispose of and have then used

    most of the wood from this to make the guitar. So this guitar is quite unique and the microphones

    can be individually controlled which means that Brian got a very unique sound. The tremolo system

    is made of old bicycle parts and a sewing needle, you had to take what you had.


    Now to the watch it is all about. After growing up to Queen's music during the seventies, that was one must add to the collection.

    It comes in a guitar case type hard case that is a little over 12 inces long, dressed with leather, rivets and with reinforced corners.


    Inside is the watch that comes with a black NATO strap (which Brian had on his Seiko) and a small coin that I have no idea why.


    This is what it looks like, a regular Seiko 5 with a unique painting depicting Brian's Red Special.

    This watch comes in 9000 copies and is then called Limited Edition as no more will be manufactured.


    They really got to the vein on the wood really m nice.


    Screwdown crown at 4 o'clock position, unidirectional 60 clicks bezel, water proof to 10 bars.


    Day and date with quickset.


    If we get really close, we can see more clearly the job they put into the vein.


    The text holds the same quality as on dials in the highest segment.


    Really cool effect on the paint I have to say.



    Some kind of music theme we must have.




    The coin from the box.



    Through the glass back, we see the 4R36 movement glimpse behind Brian's signature.


    In normal order, Seiko impresses with the lume.


    Finally a wristshot.


    A interesting watch for only €550.

  • Greetings from her sister...:blume:

    Hallo Oliver,

    mir ist aufgefallen, dass es da eine Besonderheit in der Tagesscheibe geben könnte.

    Bei meiner 5 Sports sind die Wochentage in deutscher Sprache abgekürzt.

    Bei der Brian May habe ich den Eindruck, das alle Tage auf Englisch sind, bis auf Samstag.

    MON = Monday oder Montag

    TUE = Tuesday

    WED = Wednesday

    THU = Thursday

    FRI = Friday

    SAM = Samstag in deutsch (evtl. ein Bug?) Müsste dann ja eigentlich SAT sein.

    SUN = Sunday

    Vertue ich mich oder ist das so?

    Weil, das sollte eigentlich nicht passieren

  • Peter, danke zunächst für die Aufklärung.

    Man kann die Sprache einstellen? Echt?

    Nein, das wusste ich nicht.


    Ich besitze die Uhr (noch) nicht. Mache mich aber gerade etwas schlau und da ist mir das aufgefallen.

    Ist die Scheibe vorder- und rückseitig bedruckt und der Uhrmacher kann die drehen, oder wie muss ich mir das vorstellen?


    Laut Google kann man die Sprache über die Krone wechseln.

    Das wäre ja der Hit. Das wusste ich bisher wirklich nicht. Asche über mein Haupthaar