One of 100, The GO Capital Edition

    • One of 100, The GO Capital Edition


      I start with a familar logo, panorama date, sunburst dial and a "vintage" VI marker

      The 12 marker looks like is floating over the dial

      As some already figure it out it's the Glashütte Original Senator Chronograph The Capital Edition I have point my lens at

      The case is 42mm and the dial/hands is an orgy in colors, a little too many for my taste

      This is the stainless steel version that is made in 100 pieces

      The dial change in color and are not easy to get correct presented with the camera

      The yellow luminova looks really old

      The dial is brown but it looks grey sometimes

      It's good for 10 ATM and it have a screw down crown

      Here I made the dial grey that I think works well to the yellow and blue (the swedish colors) too

      It comes with abrown calfskin leather strap and a buckle in stainless steel

      The power reserve window is at the left sub dial

      The dial factory in Pforzheim have made a great work with the dial

      The caliber 37 now is in many models and contains 65 jewels and have a 70 hour power reserve.

      The finish I have nothing to complain about

      The colum wheel

      The swan neck

      In the dark the yellow markers been green and the white blue

      So now they add a few more colors

    • Hi Jocke,

      As always fantastic pics, thanks a lot for sharing. :respekt:

      For me, I am a huge GO fan, the watch is to „busy“ with a lot of different colours and styles.

      Have a great Sunday!


      nach den Gesetzen der Physik kann die Hummel nicht fliegen - aber sie kümmert sich nicht drum und fliegt einfach :wink: :wink: :wink:

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